Parsikan Iran was established in 1974 aimed at providing consultancy services in engineering & management affaires and is now one of the top ranking leading independent firms in engineering and management consultancy areas in Iran.
Parsikan Iran Engineering and Management Consultants is recognized by the Management and Planning Organization of Iran as a specialist Consultant in oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical and mineral projects, and is a member of Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers. Parsikan Iran has been registered in the UNIDO Roster of Industrial Consultants since 1994. The company has also been recognized as a Specialist Consultant by the Bank of Industry and Mine of Iran.
Since its inception in 1974 Parsikan Iran has successfully developed over 130 engineering consultancy plans for various clients.
Our firm embodies engineers and specialists highly experienced in the fields of oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical and mineral projects.
Our competence for providing engineering and management consultancy services has been recognized by the State Management & Planning Organization and confirmed by a good number of such large government organizations as the Ministry of industries and Mines, Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Petroleum by referring the engineering and design services of their important projects to this company.