Construction of a 20" pipeline: N'aeen/Kashan/Rey, & related facilities

Client: National Iranian Oil Engineering & Construction Co

Capacity: 200,000 barrels/day
Location: Na'een, Kashan and Rey cities & their boundaries

 Scope Of Work:: Construction of a 20"×220 KM pipeline at Na'een/Kashan/Rey with a capacity 200,000 barrels/day
Construction of 10 fixed & floating roof storage tanks totally of 300,000 cubic meters     capacity at Na'een
Construction of new oil transfer centers at Na'een/Kashan, and expansion of the Rey Terminal
Construction of 63/6.3 KV power station of Kashan and upgrading of the existing 63/6.3 KV station of Na'een 
Installation of 6 KM of 63 KV Transmission line of Kashan to the Kashan Pumping Station,
The target of execution of the present plan is to transfer a part of the oil products (Gasoil, Kerosene & Petrol) dispatched from the Bandar Abbas Persian Gulf Star & the Hormoz refineries to Kashan via Na'een and therefrom to Tehran. There does not exist as yet an oil pipeline along the route to Kashan and that the target of the pipeline under consideration is to transfer the oil products of the existing Bandar Abbas Refinery and the Persian Gulf Star and the Hormoz Oil refineries which shall be put into production in the 5th Development Plan through a shorter route to Tehran and northern area of the Country.

Scope of Services of the Consultant:
- Supervision on: Design & Engineering, Procurement Engineering, Procurement of materials & equipments, and Site & Head Office Supervision on Execution of the Project through the EPC Method.
Description of Innovation in the Project & Achievement:
 - Change of the Class of the pipe track from ×52 to ×60 which resulted in the decrease in the total weight of the required pipe.
- Change of the insulating material of the pipe track from the 3-layer poly ethylene to Fusion Bounded Epoxy (FBE) which increases the life span of the insulation in the life cycle of the Project.
- Change In the layout of boosters in Na'een versus The Basic Design which resulted in the number of booster pumps in Na'een from 20 to 9 booster pumps in Na'een.

Start-Finish: May 2013- Present (under execution)