Message From Chairman of the Board Directors

Mr. Hatam Mohri 

The Parsikan Iran Engineering Consultants Company is an ever-learning Organization which undertakes to provide engineering services in the areas of Consultancy, Supervision and Contract Management within the framework of sustainable development and based on the specialized and capable staff, good reputation and experience and financial credit and as well, embodying the technical knowhow in the fields of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Processing of Minerals.

Declaration of the Prospect
Based upon our valuable experiences and specialized capabilities we will become one of the superior companies of the region in the areas of providing Engineering and Contract Management Services.

The Values of the Professional Ethics as Deemed by the ParsikanIran Engineering Consultants company
◦ Accomplishing professional services in a befitting manner & within the framework of the professional ethics and consciousness.
◦ Safeguarding of the professional independence and judgement in the process of providing of the services to the clients.
◦ Truthfulness & audacity as concerns the professional connection with the clients even such being contradictory to the Company's interests.
◦ Undertaking of a project which is purely within the capability and possibilities of the Consultant.
◦ Observance of equity among the personnel and promoting the participation & team work.
◦ Endeavoring in the protection of the environment and the native & national culture.
◦ Parsikan Iran Engineering Consultants Company has pledged to secure its survival through perpetual utilization of the Information Technology and its current developments