Client: N.I.G.C engineering and Development Company 
Scope of Work:  Ilam Gas Refinery has been built for the purpose of refining the gas obtained from Tang-e- Bijar and Kamankuh gas fields and supplying it to the western parts of the country via gas transfer pipeline. The refinery also obtains from gas Ethane and heavy hydrocarbons including C3+  and liquid gases C5+ and feed for the Ilam Petrochemical Plan Ilam Gas Refinery is situated at 25 KMS. From north west of Ilam and 12 KMS. from west of Chovar town. 
Ilam Refinery has been planned to be built in phases. Phase I had been constructed and is in operation. Units of the phase I have been designed by the Canadian Company; propack. Increased in production capacity of the refinery in phase II is intended to be 3.4 standard million cu.m./day and when performed shall raise the Refinery Capacity to 10.2 million cu.m./day.
Start-Finish: 2020- Under execution