Conceptual, Basic & FEED Designs of the C2+ Pipe Track, & Preparing of Tender Documents

Client: Palayesh-e-Parsian Sepehr Co.

Capacity: 135,000 barrel/day,

Location: From Mohr to Assaluyeh

 Scope Of Work: To design a pipeline containing C2+ gas for transfer of gas condensates from the Mohr Site to the Assaluyeh Site extending about 60 kilometers. The present Project is related to the construction and startup of the Ethane Recovery Unit from the exhaust gasses of the Parsian Gas Refinery. To this effect the gas intake within the Mohr Site is dehydrated and then directed to the relevant units aimed at separating the C2+ derivatives. The produced Methane gas shall be transferred to the 4th Trunk Line. For fractionation of other products such as Ethane, Propane, Butane and C5+, the C2+ cut is transferred to the Assaluyeh Site through a pipeline of about 60 Kilometers so as the Ethane product be ultimately delivered as feedstock to the FiroozAbad Petrochemical Complex.

Scope of Services of the Consultation:
   - Conducting Basic Engineering., & advanced basic Engineering., (FEED) Studies,
  - Conducting the services of surveying, soil and geotechnics Studies, Environmental studies and HAZOP & HAZID, Preparing the Tender documents (EPC), & estimates 

Start-Finish: 2015-2016.