About us

Parsikan Iran was established in 1974 aimed at providing consultancy services in engineering & management affaires and is now one of the top ranking leading independent firms in engineering and management consultancy areas in Iran.
Parsikan Iran Engineering and Management Consultants is recognized by the Management and Planning Organization of Iran as a specialist Consultant in oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical and mineral projects, and is a member of Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers. Parsikan Iran has been registered in the UNIDO Roster of Industrial Consultants since 1994. The company has also been recognized as a Specialist Consultant by the Bank of Industry and Mine of Iran.
Since its inception in 1974 Parsikan Iran has successfully developed over 130 engineering consultancy plans for various clients.
Our firm embodies engineers and specialists highly experienced in the fields of oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical and mineral projects.
Our competence for providing engineering and management consultancy services has been recognized by the State Management & Planning Organization and confirmed by a good number of such large government organizations as the Ministry of industries and Mines, Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Petroleum by referring the engineering and design services of their important projects to this company.  
It is the target of the Company to acquire the satisfaction of the owners through providing of the engineering and management services of desired quality and in due course of time. Accuracy of vision and profound attention to the quality of the services provided are the principal policy of the Company and has been defined as an important principle to the personnel and has been executed. In line with this policy, the Company has taken action in establishment of the Integrated Management System and that has initially succeeded to secure the ISO 9001 Standard Certificate from the SGS Firm in the year 2008, and subsequently has succeeded to obtain the following ISO Standards: ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001: 2018, ISO TS 29001: 2010 and HSE-MS.
The services of the Company are provided to the clients within defined projects, and presently the management of projects are viewed within a three-dimensional aspect of the quality, timing and cost.
Services Provided by Parsikan Iran Engineering Consultants
Parsikan Iran's Services encompass all phases of project development. Its principal efforts include feasibility study, providing engineering designs, procurement, project management and startup.
A feasibility study is a recommendation, based on engineering analysis, for the best method of developing an industrial project. Evaluations include investment and operational cost analysis, potential operational problems and probable economic return for a new venture. Such studies are recommended prior to the initiation of engineering design.
Engineering design comprises all the technical data required for the enablement of the client to procure and install equipment as well as the construction of facilities. Technical data includes detailed engineering drawings, specifications, bid document, contractual undertakings and equipment list.
Project Management extends project design to encompass materials and equipment procurement, expediting, inspection, transportation and handling at site. It further includes assistance to the client in locating, evaluating and selecting construction contractors, contract negotiations, supervision on construction, on-site inspection and testing, operator training and plant start up. If the client desires, Parskian Iran will assume single-point responsibility for the execution of the complete project for the client, from feasibility study and engineering design to installation of equipment and facilities and start up.